A dumb word a bunch of poor people made up for amazing Italians to make up for there boring lives. Most are ugly shits with no friends and are jealous that they are non cultured fags. My pop works harder then any of you shits. And hes 100% baby. Dont fuck with the Italians...you'll wind up dead.,
"did shit fuck face"
by yo1234567890 February 06, 2008
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a dirty lil Italian person or someone of Italian descent
by GRANDMASTASTONA420 January 12, 2011
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"watering of plant". A man, any man, not necessarily
Italian or of Italian descent, that keeps his plant
well watered. i.e. a great lover.
Jim, you're _such_ a wop.
by Jim Ference November 02, 2007
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It's what you get when you take one Italian man's head in one hand, and another Italian mans head in another, and hitting them together.
Dude 1: Dude 2! Want to see a wop?

Dude 2: Sure!

Dude 1: Okay. Go find two Italian guys for me and I'll show you.
by Construction Zombie January 19, 2012
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"I'm not driving to Hamilton for a hamburger, thats out in the wop wops."
by Kingnerd January 06, 2008
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