An alcoholic beverage consisting of hard liquor and fruit. The fruit soaks up the liquor leaving a fruity tasting beverage, and very highly concentrated alcoholic fruit. Usually filled in a large tub. The fruit is eaten.
I went to a party last week, and there was a large tub with vodka and watermelon. I ate the watermelon, and that's the last thing I could remember
by Jenna Austin July 29, 2005
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a drink that started as a way of making a drink of what is at the party. usu. by mixing everclear, vodka, and random fruits. some may describe it as gutrot in liquid form. the fruits then absorb the alchohol, and then eaten.
"man this parties the shit"
"just wait until the wop is ready"
by "NOVA!" klebar May 30, 2006
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A style of dance originating in the North East during the early to mid 80's.
"Do The Wop."

"Make you say go LL and do the wop."
by A.M.D. September 24, 2006
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A alcoholic drink containing combinations of rum, vodka, everclear, or other alcohols of your choice(full bottles), plus water, sugar, and Kool-aid, normally mixed in a large tub or cooler, and usually made for large parties, alternative for beer, or a keg. Guaranteed to fuck you up.
Got any wop. Yeah, it's in the cooler.
by Mike B. March 19, 2005
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To Give Head; Fellate

Generally used for oral sex done to a male.
"Wut u and ya shorty do las nite after yall left?"
"I drove her home and she gave me WOP in tha whip."
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"With Out Papers" is correct. However, many times it is also referred to as the flat tire. ie: "What does the flat tire do?" --- and in response "It goes 'wop wop wop wop' ".
A: "What does a flat tire say?"
B: "I don't know...?"
A: "Wop wop wop wop."
B: "Oooooooh. Capito ora."
by pseudonymous2700 June 30, 2009
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wop (won't open pussy) is a female who acts like she wants the dick, but when it comes down to it she doesn't take it.
Dude she is the biggest wop in the country you have no chance of getting it in.
by Sir Rilo December 03, 2013
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