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cold hearted-to be un-feeling, 2 not care about anything, 2 feel no remorse
Man U r cold hearted!
by T3CH April 17, 2004
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almost like woot but cooler to the 2nd degree. A refreshing alternative to the overused gamer slang
omg guys I talked to a girl today, woop!
by t3ch July 17, 2004
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oh god stop the hax!
omg how'd he know I was there, walls bs wtf ogsth
by t3ch October 05, 2003
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A description of something wunk. Being of that which is wunky.
That video game was so wunk.
by t3ch July 13, 2004
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Hicks 'slang' for "You" and "All"
"Y'all gunna get shawt if'n you dunt geh awff my popertey"
by T3CH December 21, 2004
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