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to gyrate, spin, or otherwise move around as if intoxicated, usually to the sound of flowing music.
Joel woobled to to the sounds of Final Fantasy 8's Shuffle or Boogie theme.
by Mikau October 25, 2003
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A Wooble is a synonym to kink knack or small furry animal native to the foothills of the north georgia mts. It normally comes out when there is liqour around. It is a yet to be scientifically discovered.
Carl: "Yo did you guys hear that"
Bo:"Yea, Yea I hear it, what is that?"
Carl:" Run its a Wooble!!!"

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a person who says "woooo" a lot, the amount of "o" depends on his/her mood or a situation. According to How I Met Your Mother sitcom "Woooo people" exist, but speakin'about them you can replace it with "wooble". It's shorter and funnier. Using an adj. (un)wooooblable may also bring joy in your drunken company, especially if you pronounce it as fast as you can.
There was a wooooblable party tonight = We were screaming "Woooo" the all night long.
Let's be the loudest wooble!
by Vyachik January 16, 2010
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