1. To pop one. When your little fella pops up to say hello - an erection, usually spontaneous, brought on by a sudden event such as a hot, barely-dressed girl walking by.

2. Similar to the above but used in figurative speech to imply an extreme liking for something.
1. We were at the beach last week and Maria took her top off, I was popping one so bad I had to go sit down in the shade.

2. I was totally popping one when I saw The Fucking Champs live.
by BrokeAccount April 12, 2005
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take a pill. most commonly some type of ecstasy.
I heard John was spazzing out last night.

Did he pop one?


by thatkiddt April 12, 2010
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Pop means as in pop a bottle or pop a titi
by King ninles October 9, 2020
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get an erection
dude, when i touched cindy boner's hoo hoo, i popped one.
by judson April 16, 2003
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To pop m/molly, E or any other mind-altering drug
Fuck it, I popped one. I'm up for anything tonight!
by xxyyxx! December 12, 2014
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this phrase refers to a student at mckamy middle school who, upon request, will say the n-word no matter the circumstances
yo raghav pop one!!
by Girth God April 13, 2023
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to devirginze a girl, causing ehr hymen to break and bleed a little
"hey girl wanna go back to my place and let me pop your cherry?"
by lauren August 31, 2003
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