1. Something used to add flavor to a expression.
2. A statement in general.
3. A key tool in either annoying teachers or making them gleeful.
1. "Hi. Woo!"
2. "Woo!"
3. "Woo!" "Stop that wooing!"
by Project Spam September 08, 2003
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Pronounced Vus or Fus. Woos is a South African word used to describe pure all night wild partying. usually shouted out loud at the top of your voice repeatedly at raves,discos, clubs and any form of drunken fuelled mass gathering.

The term can also be used to a person who has passed out or smashed out of their face.
ah man,look at John partying on the dance floor, thats some crazy woosing right there.

Have a look at Morne lying on the pavement bru, that boy is woosed out.
by J_Hardy11 April 09, 2011
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1. What is done to Diana in hopes of her getting the hots for one.
2. The act of romantically pursuing one of incredible awesomeness.
Diana said, "You woo'ed me with your use of the word woo."
by Bonobo August 10, 2004
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Woo - to enter an IRC channel without bothering to say something coherent.
<nick> Woo!
by Magne December 15, 2003
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A sound made by black people when cops enter their neighborhood or area to let each other know to hide all illegal activity.
*A police officer enters a neighborhood to patrol*
-Black Man 1 says: Woo...Woo...Woo
*Black man 2 hears the noise in the distance*
-Blac Man 2 says: Woo...Woo...Woo...PoePoe commin, hide dat shit yo.
by Uwe Kruup September 26, 2008
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A annoying Asian guy who likes to threaten co-workers in passing while doing three times the work of a normal person.
The bastard said he'd stab me with an ice pick, and then finished a shitload of work. He's a total Woo.
by Chip123 April 02, 2007
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