the desire to be in a constant state of wonder
Joe had a serious case of wonderlust: he was bored of anything ordinary.
by iwannabeapoet February 5, 2013
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..No, it's not a variation of 'Wanderlust' (which is a desire to travel).

Wonderlust is a word to describe the stage in a relationship or phase of love when you are not sure if you are lusting after or actually in love with someone.

It's the period of uncertainty that everyone gets when they really like someone!
"Oh my god, I've got serious Wonderlust for him.."

"Yeah.. but the thing is, I think it's just Wonderlust?"

"It's alright, I think I'm just Wonderlusting.."
by gucci gucci fendi fendi prada. January 12, 2012
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When you see a smoking hot stranger and wonder what they're like in bed.
I have total wonderlust for that guy across the street.
by Marmarade June 13, 2011
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a strong desire to travel.
by kaosmoker October 1, 2018
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An obsession with traveling. Not necessarily long distances.
"wonderlust king/queen" (depending on gender) someone
who travels without ceasing, usually from town to town in
order to find adventure and excitement.
waonderlust stems from a desire to escape routine and
college kid #1:"My ex dropped out of college when she met a wonderlust king."
college kid #2:"dude when i was in highschool i was a wonderlust king."
"no shit, i always thought you were a bit fucking wierd in the head"
"that shit was eye opening man, really my eyes were like totally opened to everything when I was a wonderlust kind"
"your mom opened my eyes... AFTER I FUCKED HER"
"fuck you"
"lol" :3
"I fucked your ex when you two were still dating"
"LOL" :3

kid #1: "wonderlust will totally change your perspective"
kid #2:"your mom changed my perspective... WHEN I FUCKED HER!"
"fuck you"
"lol" :3
by frank the wabbit June 29, 2010
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