1) Be a courageous and strong mature woman by appropriately taking action and responsibility.

2) Don't inappropriately play the victim card by cowardly passing off your faults on others. Work to fix what you messed up.

3) Check yourself, admit when you're wrong, apology, and show that you are truly sorry instead of focusing on winning an argument.

4) Pay your own way and stop freeloading off guys and your female friends, acting like someone owes you something just because you showed up.
EXAMPLE (a) - Party girl: "Yeah, I'll get my sister to do it. She ain't doing anything important."

Sister - "No. You need to woman up and take care of your kids."

EXAMPLE (b) - Woman #1: "They better not ask me to do the presentation. Not my fault we lost that account. I was on break."

Co-worker: "What are you talking about? Presentations are your job. You need to woman up and get your priorities straight.

EXAMPLE (c) - Boyfriend: "She said to me she "was angry" and "making sense just gets in the way".

Mutual Best friend: "Why did you say those awful things to him?"

Girlfriend: "Cuz he made me so mad and should've gotten there in time."

Mutual Best friend: "You need to apologize."

Girlfriend: "Why should I?"

Best friend: "C'mon girl. You made us late and wanted to go to the other store first. Woman up and apologize to him cuz you were way out of line."

EXAMPLE (d) - Woman #1: "I got this guy to get me something to eat and drink. And then I got him to buy me this."

Woman #2: "Girl, you're so silly. You got some money. When are you going to woman up and stop using people?"

Woman #1: "I wasn't using him. He wanted to do that on his own."

Woman #2: "Okay, so did you tell him, 'no, I have my own money and can take care of it myself?' Wait a minute. you don't drive. So how did you get to my house when the buses don't run out here at this time? Mm-hm, just like I said. You need to woman up."
by Gvnfire November 15, 2010
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be a woman, don't act like a punk ass man by running away whenever things get tough.
woman #1: what am i gonna do? im pregnant and my boyfriend left me as soon as he found out.

woman #2 : its ok, woman up, fuck him. he don't wanna help you raise your child, you can do it on your own, woman up
by Jazzmie January 19, 2008
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To take full responsibility and accountability as a woman for your selfish, mean, cruel, hurtful, childish actions that caused other people harm or pain with no buts, or excuses
if Jennifer doesn't woman up and put her pride aside and apologize to Marie for hurting her feelings Jennifer will risk losing a good friendship in the processes
by williamshatonher December 15, 2015
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To be a stronger and/or better person. The female equivalent of "man up." Can be used for either gender.
"Stop whining. Woman up."
by pikalolz December 04, 2015
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To do your womanly duties and perform oral sex on your man...
I am tired and had a long day of work. But, it has been a while since I satisfied my guy. I'm going to woman up and blow my guy tonight. He deserves it!
by DJ Power to the People February 05, 2014
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She's the one who'll take him in when you dump him in the street.
"I really can't feel bad for that trotch, she's knew she was only a clean up woman."
by jens March 18, 2004
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A girl that is involved with another man, she is taken, off the market, unavailable.
John: Hey dude, check that bird out at the bar in the purple dress
Dan: Yer i know mate she is hot
John: I'll see if she wants a drink
Dan: Nahh mate shes a backed up woman (or just backed up)
John: For fucks sake!
by kanerockgod March 09, 2009
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