the brewing capital of the black country, the work ass of the old world. where good honest hard werkin folks live, the best place on earth, probably the nicest people in the world. only good people with good hearts who live a hard working life can see the beauty of wolverhampton.
billy: a yo from wolvo? wolverhampton
jimbo:arr i am why kidda?
billy:would yo goo n ge' may a keg a booze for tonights piss up?
jimbo:arr a will arr, wherea yo bin werkin today?
billy:i been werkin at a abortwa in walsall, skinnin' hyde
jimbo: ohh arr! wheres we meetin?
billy: tell ya layra aer kid, arl call ya
jimbo: kaye
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Another absolute shit hole, part of the ghetto of the wild midwest
Never ever go to wolverhampton or birmigham or any of the west mids unless u live there or your black!
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The pit of the universe, a place inhabited by knuckle dragging morons.
i would never go to wolverhampton in my life.
by rob October 01, 2003
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Wolverhampton is a great place to live in. The people who are saying bad things about it are just being stupid, I mean wolverhampton is a great place to live and the people there are very kind and polite some people might say the way they speak is stupid but still not everyone speaks like that. People have different opinions about this city and some people might be just over reacting I think and I live in WOLVERHAMPTON that it is a place that everyone should check out it is brilliant and I totally love it here nobody can change my mind. Also stop with the racism okay not only black people live there. I'm not black and I live there,in wolverhampton there are alot of different races that should be respected so you do not have a right to chat shit about wolverhampton. And I don't really care what people are writing on here because I know what the truth is and what is just stupid and made up.
Wolverhampton is not and I repeat NOT the worst place in the world it is a great place. Blackenhall and other places are beautiful. So SHUT UP!!
by CrazyLikeYourMum February 06, 2011
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Wolverhampton a post industrial city which is a polluted concrete jungle with high unemployment and little countryside.

If you think that living in a burnt out camper van stuck in a sinking sewer pit is fun then you will love this place.

The only people who love this place is thoes that have never took there stolen car for a joy ride outside the city.
Wolverhampton, probably the worst city in the world.
by Zim_ July 10, 2008
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Guy: Where do you live?
Gypsy: Wolverhampton

Guy: Oh, so are you a Gypsy?
Gypsy: Yup.
by ChiCityBitty October 16, 2017
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Wolverhampton- The most unfriendliest place in the UK,

the 5th worst place to live in the world.

A place where people drag their knuckles on the floor and are a cross between someone with down syndrome and someone who's got falidamide mixed in a blender for 5 minutes with Joseph Meric thrown in for good measure

People who cant even speak properly, they chew their words and spit them out and sound like they have an IQ lower than there are decent pubs in the town centre (which is less than 5
Wolverhampton Speech - Am ya, babs, innit, ore rite

Stupidiy - Heard someone telling an acquaintance they were doing a PHD, they said "is that like a NVQ ???"

Housing - It's all rubbish Heath Town, All Saints, Scotlands by far the worst !! all full of druggies, thieves and prostitutes !!!
by Daive April 08, 2010
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