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WMH: Whip Mah Hair, The acting of whipping ones hair (preferably back and forth)
I whip mah hair back and forth!

I can't believe Becky said that, smh, I wmh at you....
by TheCocoPuffxd December 20, 2010
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An acronym for William McKenley High School, the fictional school that the cast of the FOX television show Glee attends.

The acronym can be seen on the uniform for the Cheerios!, and most recently on T-shirts for the Glee clothing line that is now available at Macy's.
Person 1: Oh look, that Gleek over there is wearing a WMHS T-shirt! I want one!

Person 2: Dude, you are such a closeted Gleek.

Person 1: Not if I can get my hands on that T-shirt...
by Caligurl1991 September 21, 2010
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Whip my hair! Get crazy, have fun, be silly, do it big, let loose, party and have a good time. The phrase comes from the Willow Smith song "Whip your Hair!"

Can also use: WYH=Whip Your Hair, WHH=Whip Her Hair
1. I am gonna kick it at Club Alameda South this weekend and "WMH"
3. I'm gonna go to Pinkberry and "WMH"
4. Chillin on Colfax with my sHaWtIeS, gonna "WMH"
by Asmizzy November 09, 2010
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Based on the song by Willow Smith, wmh stands for whip my hair. It's used in cyberconversations either to mean literally "whip my hair" or even the deeper meaning, which according to Smith is "whatever, I'm expressing my individuality."
Comment on Youtube user's karaoke performance:

"That sounded terrible!"

User's response: "Wmh! I'd love to see you try it"
by crystalchampagne November 10, 2010
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Wobble My Head, the new term instead of "Shake My Head"
Your so mean! WMH!

Why did you forget about me? WMH!

You tricked me on a Google+ Hangout! WMH!

SMH smh
by DJ BGB February 09, 2012
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