A woman who is white and a bitch. In other words a white bitch. A moody white girl.
Look at all of those white girls screaming at that boy band concert, what a bunch of witches.
by Coachstonenian December 29, 2010
The act of jerking oneself off with one hand while simultaneously inserting a pole like object in your anus and performing masterbation in a manner that makes you look like you're riding a broomsitck. followed by witch like sounds of satisfaction.
I was witching so hard last night i got splinters.
by Mojo23 February 26, 2016
Another way to say bitch without actually cursing.
"Hey mom, that girl is such a witch"
by Kiki July 20, 2004
When someone uses their powers of witchcraft or other general witchery against another person.
That skank just witched me on minesweeper flags!
by PLagg February 1, 2005
A word to replace the word "bitch" when you are in the company of a younger audience.
Yeah, that girl was acting like such a witch yesterday when she ditched you.
by theblueberrymuffinman June 7, 2011