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Bloom, Orlando: Protype of Perfect Male.

Created: information not accesable
Creator: Bootstrap Bill Turner

Specs (Standard Model): Stands 5'11; body is long, lithe, muscular; includes three unique identifying marks: a sun on the lower abdomen; an Elvish symbol on the inside of the right forearm; and long surgical scar on the back. Head includes thick, brown curls, expressive brown eyes (w/extra long eyelashes), small amounts of facial fair, pink lips, dimples. Speaks with cultured Southern British accent,

Additional Styles: rugged baggy shirt with rather tight pants, boots, sword, bucket of water of men smelling of pigs

Personality Features: romantic, headstrong, resourceful

Warning: subject may resort to self-sacrifice to save the woman he loves, may also do something stupid from time to time.
"I practice 3 hours a day so that when I meet a pirate, I can kill it."
by BookCrazy77 February 05, 2004
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A fictional character from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, portrayed by Orlando Bloom; Bootstrap Bill's son. Husband to Elizabeth Swann. Father to William Turner III.

"Keep a weather eye on the horizon."
Will Turner is damn hot pirate.
by yaboots August 14, 2007
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Will Turner has pirate's blood in him, yet he practises with a sword three hours a day, so that when he meets a pirate, he can kill him. A bit odd, eh matey? On his journey he ends up travelling with the famous and worst pirate of all, Cap'n Jack Sparrow.
My name is Will Turner. My father was Bootsrtap Bill Turner. His blood runs in my veins.
We're going to steal a ship. That ship?
This is either madness or brilliance.
It wasn't your blood they needed, it was my father's blood, my blood, the blood of a pirate.
by Rebecca November 26, 2003
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the hottest and coolest chara in POTC. not to mention great swordsman.

"you threatend ms. Swann"

"you're the one they've been looking for. the pirate"
"you can't I can."

"why'd you take it"
"it wasn't your blood they needed. it was mine. the blood of a Pirate"
by Kate Dawson November 09, 2003
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hot son-of-a-pirate who can't hold a candle to CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow
Will: You cheat!
Jack: ...pirate...
by frankie October 16, 2003
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A 'Will Turner' is a homosexual being(pirate) who likes the 'Fruit bowl' and pretends to be a womanizer but is actually a gay prick. Often Dwells within the vicinity of Timaru. Should be avoided at all costs as he will cramp your style and is genurally a pedophile.
"Oi check out that homo guy....He's such a Will Turner"

If One is a pedophile creep they are a 'Will Turner'
by Better than William November 28, 2009
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