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London based band who are FANTASTIC! Really diverse and unique with great guitar and lyrics. The band of 2005.
Russell, the guitarist, has a bloc head(the coolest hair ever!) Gordon Moakes is such a love. They all are. They're just...the best. Get ready for them!
"So Here We Are" reached number 5 in the UK charts.
Toured with The Killers and others in February '05
by Camille February 19, 2005

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he's a fat little joke who thinks he's some kind of pimp and record executive. when in actuallity the fat, ugly little shit would never be in the record buisiness or get any of the the skanks that he does, if he wasn't ozzy's son.
jack is fat
by camille January 19, 2004

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Often used in connection to enthusiastically dancing or partying to hip hop music; having an extremely good time in a party setting. Usually used in conjunction with the preposition "out," ie. "wiling out."
Possible origins: The term "wiles," used to describe an alluring or seductive manner.
"Winding," used in island culture and music to describe a type of dancing often performed to reggae music, may also be at the root of "wiling out."
"We were drinking Bacardi, grinding with these fine ladies to some MVP, taking shots from the ice luge on the beach... we were wiling out, man!"
by Camille April 06, 2005

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Him *points*
by Camille February 09, 2004

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Bassist of Bloc Party...He's beautiful.
"He hugged me for jumping on me at the NME Awards Tour! Yay!"
by Camille February 21, 2005

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jerk who flirts with every girl he can, and leads girls on
he's pulling a tassos
by camille March 15, 2005

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someone who is overly emotional and dramatic and romantic and sigh-y
This song makes you cry? You're such a sop!
by Camille August 22, 2004

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