To move freely about Wikipedia articles without a definite purpose or goal.
"I'm so bored I spent the last 12 hours wikiwandering and ended up in an article about the No. 300 Polish Bomber Squadron."
by Steve Chan March 4, 2006
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The process in which a user logs on to Wikipedia to research a specific topic, only to find themselves on a completely unrelated topic several hours later.
Chris: Dude, I went to Wikipedia last night to do some research for my science project.

Mike: Did you find what you were looking for?

Chris: No. I wikiwandered for four and a half hours and found myself reading about the English parliament.
by artificial_blur January 3, 2008
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The act or process of looking something up in a wiki site, most usually Wikipedia, and then following a trail from there based on entry links which catch your attention.
"I looked up Suzuki motorcycles in Wikipedia and read that it was started in the Shizuoka Prefecture, who's entry told me that a massive earthquake occurs every 100 to 150 years and that the last one was 146 years ago. This prompted my interest in big earthquakes and the wikiwander went from there."
by Ragle August 24, 2006
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When one uses wikipedia to find a useful piece of information, then spends the next hour clicking links.
Peter started off by looking up penguins, but wikiwandered his way into the sound barrier.
by suegarr November 17, 2009
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If you look something up on Wikipedia and go to another article using those blue word links enough times that you forget what you first looked up, you are Wikiwandering.
Tyler: Did you read the Wikipedia page on Game theory?

Jeff: There are 2339 possible solutions to the 6x10 pentomino grid problem!

Tyler: Have you been Wikiwandering?
by Luciencd September 28, 2013
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