A powerful obsession with Wikipedia. A wikiphiliac may:

-turn to Wikipedia as the first and only source of information for a topic

-relentlessly defend Wikipedia's factual accuracy

-become uncomfortable when hearing information that he/she has not read on Wikipedia

-access Wikipedia several times a day

-spend much more time on Wikipedia than originally intended

-Wikipedia race

-compulsively switch to other Wikipedia articles, using the hyperlinks within articles, often without obtaining the originally sought information and leaving a bizarre informational "trail" in his/her browsing history (Such as from "Hmong language" to "list of most prolific serial killers")

-access Wikipedia for recreation

-enter a trance-like state while reading that is disorienting to exit

-constantly disseminate information read on Wikipedia
Patient: Doc, I can't stop reading Wikipedia. I'm on it for hours a day! My wife says she's going to leave me because I don't believe anything she says. I have to check it on Wikipedia first.

Doctor: It sounds like you have wikiphilia.

Patient: What's that?

Doctor: Look it up on Wikipedia.
by karsownr May 22, 2009
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A game in which participants seek innovative ways to insert startling, shocking, vulgar, and often times ludacris information into wiki websites for the sheer love of wiki tampering
Have you ever played wikiphilia?

I played wikiphilia last night until 2am.
by quite-contrary May 3, 2009
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