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The feminine equivalent of teabagging; whereby female genetalia are used to smack someone in the face, giving the sensation of being dabbed with a warm, wet dishrag. Oftentimes leaving a residue.
YOU: Your dog dishragged me!

ME: What?!?

YOU: When I woke up to your dog, Taffy trying to hump my face, it felt like being smacked on the cheeck with a sloppy, wet dishrag.
by quite-contrary July 22, 2009
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One who loves and lives for tampering with collaborative websites where content can be edited by anyone who has access to it, causing the content to be unstable and unrelialbe.
Your mom is such a wikiphile. Last night, she found an article on wiki-how-to that explained how to roller paint a room. Everywhere she found the word "paint" in the article, she replaced it with the words "horse cum."
by quite-contrary May 02, 2009
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A game in which participants seek innovative ways to insert startling, shocking, vulgar, and often times ludacris information into wiki websites for the sheer love of wiki tampering
Have you ever played wikiphilia?

I played wikiphilia last night until 2am.
by quite-contrary May 02, 2009
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