an uneasy feeling; a sense of foreboding badness. Originally coined by Joss Whedon, on his cult TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
by Wendy J. June 6, 2005
Your paycheck, the source of your income.
"Hey mang, its friday, did you get your wiggins?"
by mindscale October 21, 2009
the action of doing something really really stupid and makes you deserve a spot in the helmet club. also being excessively loud for no apparent reason.
"Nice job wiggins"
"shut up wiggins"
by tmacdaddy April 22, 2009
A man, who at first glance, seems to be a douchebag, but upon further study will turn out to have a gold. Then after that honeymoon is over, you find out that he really is a douchebag.
by M. H. June 29, 2006
The young man's first time having sex he had a wiggins. Many men have sexual problems and pull a wiggins.
by Mav Michaels September 3, 2006
Yo! He stepped on her shoes and she started wigginon him.
by Native Newyawk October 26, 2017