strobe lights that are usually placed in the grill and tail lights of unmarked police cars in lieu of overhead lights.
He didn't know an unmarked car was following him until he hit his wig wags.
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Repeatedly flashing your high beams when approaching a stop sign. This automatically gives you the right of way and you don't have to stop
Jon- "Dude you're gonna run the damn stop sign ya jackass!"
Pat- (Flashes high beams) "No worries. Just used the wig wags. Those bitches can wait"
by PatNig April 16, 2011
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The arm and falshing light at a raiway crossing.
"Oh shit, were not going to make it before the wig-wag goes down!!"
by Kyle Waters December 11, 2004
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1) A less fashionable tool.
2) Someone who exists well beyond the point of homo-suspicion.
1) Carson Daily is such a wig wag.
2) Carson Daily is such a wig wag.
by Ian Morrison and Justin Dixon September 28, 2006
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A white kid usually one from a Rich background who thinks they are black and or from the hood. They talk so stupid u think they would have the education level of a 3rd grader. They are usually covered in horrible tattoos that don’t even make sense and love referencing the hood and Compton which they have clearly never been too. They also make horrible rappers
Dude did u listen to that wig wag on SoundCloud. Kid thinks hes from Compton ahahahahhahahaha
by Mushroom chode April 4, 2022
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