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Repeatedly flashing your high beams when approaching a stop sign. This automatically gives you the right of way and you don't have to stop
Jon- "Dude you're gonna run the damn stop sign ya jackass!"
Pat- (Flashes high beams) "No worries. Just used the wig wags. Those bitches can wait"
by PatNig April 16, 2011
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On facebook, liking a wall post, comment, etc. just so you don't have to comment back on it
I just wrote a novel on Taniqua's wall and she just liked it instead of writing something back to me. Friggin lazy like dude.
by PatNig February 4, 2011
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When somebody's jaw always seems to be hanging down, mouth is always involuntarily open, etc. Douchebags, dumbasses and hoodrats make up most of the infected population with Open Mouth Syndrome.
Pat- "That douchebag TJ never closes his mouth. Always looks like he's open for business and deepthroat sessions. Guess he's just retarded."

Jon- "Yeah dude that dumbfuck has Open Mouth Syndrome."
by PatNig February 26, 2011
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