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An offshoot of baseball played in parks on basketball or tennis courts, or in big gymnasiums. It’s a game for kids who cannot afford to play proper sports that require some type of fee to join. It’s played either by running the bases or automatics. It gets its name from combining wiffle and tennis since the ball of choice is usually a tennis ball. It’s unlike stickball where a smooth gas ball and an actual stick are used. It can be played a multiple of ways. It can be fast-pitch against a wall with a box that is the strikezone, and usually one on one or two on two. In this scenario, it is usually automatics. The bat is a standard wiffle ball bat with the knob cut off and newspaper is stuffed into it to give it some weight. Then, electrical tape is wrapped around the barrel of the bat, and sometimes a tape knob is made. Ground rules are dictated by setting. See definition of automatics. When you can fill a whole team on a court, you run the bases, and it’s usually bounce pitch, so as to avoid chasing balls when there is no wall behind you. Since the pitch comes in as a meatball, you cannot hit them out of the park, that’s usually an automatic 3 outs. You need to swing with control. Hitting the fence on a line drive is usually a homerun. Number of players varies, as do the rules depending on the number of players.
Kid 1: Hey, are we playing wiffis down at Buchmuller Park?

Kid 2: bases or automatics?

Kid 1: it’s just the two of us numb-nuts, automatics of course!
by shredder666 November 09, 2010
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The aged old art of sniffing fanny whilst eating a strong cheese roll. This act was practised by the ancient Parcastrian race who realised that the art of fanny sniffing should be performed whilst hungry therefore to eat a strong cheese roll at the same time was introduced and must take place simultaneosly
I am performing a wiffis tonight namely sniffing some decent fanny whilst eating a strong smelling cheese roll.

Your breathe smells like you have been Wiffising you dirty old sod.
by Boris Wiffis January 29, 2008
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Also common known as Wi-Fi, this is the mispronunciation and more hilarious way to use it. Recently used by Kevin Hart in Ride Along.
Friend: "Feel free to use my laptop."

Me: "Thanks, what's the wiffi?"
by rednovemburr June 08, 2014
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