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1. (v) a synonym for "copulation" that involves a shlong, meat-stick, crotch-worm or otherwise penis-esque object...also synonymous with "fuck", "pork" and "greasing the blood log"

2. (v) a 23rd century process by which the bratwurst bots of Northern Latvia converted 30,000 hapless peasants into their unwilling thralls.

3. (v) a 24th century slang term for manipulating the uneducated into eating primitive 21st century meat products made from the ground sphincter-gristle of pigs
"Hey baby, why don't you come back to my place and let me wienerize you?"

"Just lemme take off my sullied adult diapers and we can start the process of wienerization, baby!"

"The corpse of Monika Pavils was found in Northern Latvia today, her prefrontal cortex replaced by a log of kielbasa in an apparent attempt at wienerization gone wrong..."
by Dwokoneseus November 26, 2009
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