1.effect of weed after a joint or two everything feels like a movie and turns wide screen
2.another one of the many names of weed
ex1.) dude everythings turnin widescreen hahaha(geekn out)
ex2.) nigga im on that widescreen it got me feeln allright
by halfnhalf September 30, 2007
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The aspect ratios and preferred way to watch most movies filmed after the mid 1950s. The most common widescreen ratios are 1.66, 1.85, 2.35 and 2.40, though there are more. You see more this way than if it's a pan and scan version. It's also the way the sirector and cinematographer wanted the movie to be seen the way the You'll still get small bars on a widescreen TV if you watch some movies because the average aspect ratio of the TV is 1.78 and some movies are wider than that.
Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings looks a lot better in the widescreen versions than the pan and scan versions.
by Steve March 5, 2005
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a racist term for asian people because they see everything in widescreen because their eyes are so slanty
look at that widescreener eating his rice....how can he see?
by usa143 March 31, 2009
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Referrs to the 16:9 aspect ratio that movies and some TV shows are filmed in. Many new high-definition TVs have screens capable of displaying this aspect ratio without vertically compressing the image, as would happen when trying to watch a widescreen-formatted movie or show on a traditional TV.
Most DVD movies are in widescreen format. Some video games also support it.
by MX February 9, 2004
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To have a large forehead width and smaller forehead height.
That new rapper drake is really cute but he kinda has this widescreen forehead thing going on.

Darn my mother for passing this widescreen forehead of hers. I mean it's not very tall it's only 3 inches eyebrow to hairline. But it's like my side burns begin at the back of my head.
by J-Breezey August 24, 2009
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