1. An folk magic tradition, a mixture of Voodoo and folk traditions with its source in the Deep South. Usually involves charms, potions, spells, etc.
2. A person who practices this type of folk magic or Voodoo
3. Often used to mean the same as Voodoo.
"He be a Hoodoo"
"Im goin to do some Hoodoo on him"
by Athel April 22, 2005
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1. Religion -> Pretty much same as voodoo.

2. Bad luck or misfortune.

3. Somebody or something believed to bring bad luck.

4. Oddly-shaped rock column: a column of rock that has been weathered into a strange shape.

1. Some people believe in Hoodoo.
2. Having Hoodoo sucks.
3. Being a Hoodoo sucks too.
4. Hoodoo rocks are oddly shaped.
by Jafje September 16, 2007
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A sporting term referring to a team's unbroken streak of victories over another team, often at a certain ground. Most often used in reference to the Canberra Raiders' 14 year streak of home ground victories against St. George Illawarra.
A hat-trick to St George Illawarra stand-in captain Brett Morris helped smash a 14-season hoodoo in the nation's capital with a 34-16 victory over Canberra on Saturday.
by Max2000 March 02, 2015
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African based folk Magic and control practiced in the U.S. and Caribbean, usually used to bring bad luck.
Keith admitted that he had been hoodooed, reinstated the ticket and asked the Administrative Office of the Courts to send a judge and a prosecutor from outside Forsyth County to handle the matter once and for all.
by igotjokes April 14, 2010
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1) An odd formation of rock formed in a column

2) A type of witchcraft

3) A person that you have an underlying deep connection with
1) Let’s go see the hoodoos and gale some pictures!

2) That hoodoo stuff is so creepy.

3) Wow I think I found a hoodoo.
by myhandle777 April 26, 2020
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