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A girl, typically brunette, who acts retardedly in front of mass audiences, thus making her a whore for being retarded.
Dude, I think kaileys mentally challenged.

Nahh bro shes just a whoretard.
by jiggalooo December 03, 2011
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A retarded whore. A female who constantly gives it up to any man who tries to get it. She stupidly believes his blatant lies, and continues to be used. After she gets dumped, she moves on to repeat the cycle. She never learns, and spends her life getting used.

Often, the whoretard is also stupid and ghetto.
That whoretard Janel never learns. She spent 10 months trying to steal a married man and got dumped when his wife found out about her. The whoretard is still trying to get him back, making an ass of herself on myspace.
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A person, usually female, who is termed "easy" and still doesn't have the sense God gave a rock
Molly: Did you see the girl on Maury who tested twenty men and still didn't find her baby daddy?
Amy: What a whoretard!
by Humresdir April 15, 2011
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