A fan of the New Orleans Saints. Originated from the fan generated chant in the late 80's, somewhat decent run of success, for the New Orleans Saints. See example saying.
Who Dat? Who Dat? Who Dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?!
by Fizzy December 9, 2003
a question attempting to ascertain identity
whodat be what phucked yo' momma?

whodat say dey gon beat dem Saints?
-regional for New Orleans, LA football
by Wordizzilator October 29, 2003
Ghetto semantics, used throughout but most common in the ghettos of the Dirty South, meaning "Who is that?". Properly expressed as "Who dat is", however "Who dat" is more popular as it requires considerably less mental effort.
Person 1: "Who dat is? That nigga on noe hea'r block again."

Person 2: "He hustlin' foe shaw, look at that fool."

Person 1: "He flying red that
by JM October 24, 2003
Short for Who is that?
(knock) whodat!
by Joe October 27, 2003
Another prime example of Black Ghetto Slang used quite extensivly. This word is a combination of 3 words in order to make it easier for them to speak.
1. Who
2. is
3. That

Is combined to create "whodat"

"hey?... "WHODAT?".... ah beaotch its the cops.. hide "da" crack!!!
by George Wallace May 11, 2004