1. A phrase used by people getting texts from unknown numbers.
2. A way to reject people by making it look like a mistake.
3. A way to ask people who they are.
1. Them: Hey Tom! Great work on your science project! We'll totally win the science fair!
You: Who dis?
2. Him: Hey baby! It's me, John from the bar! Wanna smash tonight?
Her: Who dis?
3. Them: Hey, is this Andrew's number?
You: Who dis?
by Denneisk November 9, 2017
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to whom am i speaking?
ring...ring...answer phone..."who dis"?
by 1timeHooptie August 30, 2003
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What's new, happening, and/or happened. Typically used when someone did not hear or was paying attention.
Person A: "My mom gave me two hamiltons."

Person B: "Who died?"
by Dick Cheas February 26, 2009
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Shorthand for who is this. Commonly used when answering a telephone and the person on the other end is unknown to the caller and the caller ask them to identify themself.
Phone ringing -- (ring) (ring) (ring -- Caller: "Hello"
Receiver: "Who dis"
by BMoney January 27, 2005
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Commonly said from the Howard Stern Show from one of Howard's wack packs, "Crazy Alice." It became a huge fad afterwards and is a common inside joke when said on the show now.
by Krazytaco November 22, 2006
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in Hebrew, when someone wants to refuse something but in a blunt way...
a-give me a half sandwich man...
b- why who died?
by leron March 15, 2005
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a common salutation, used when answering one's telephone or other communicatory device. popularized by "Baby", a.k.a. Birdman or Beatrice, in the 2000 film "Baller Blockin'."
(cell phone rings)
Birdman: Who dis be like?
Ho': Dat nigga, he be round the way.
Birdman:(to his accompanying entourage) C'mon! Whoadie, we can get dis clown!
by vonfranz April 13, 2008
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