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Derogatory term akin to redneck. Refers to urban/white-collar professionals who are just as bigoted and ignorant as those whom they refer to as rednecks, hicks or simply "lower class".

Typical signs that one is a whiteneck include: Driving a BMW like an asshole while holding a Starbuck's cup in one hand, general smugness when dealing with anyone outside of one's perceived social class, happily boosting one's self-esteem or actual position at the expense of others, a feeling of entitlement to being "first" or "most important" in all situations, inability to fend for one's self (cooking, cleaning, fixing, or generally surviving any adversity), and a pervasive disdain for anything alien to the urban lifestyle (eg tractors, trucks, sporting firearms, icky/slimy/scary nature)
Goddamn, the "Silicon Valley" sure is full of whitenecks!

Look at that smug whiteneck in the BMW weaving through traffic! I hope his spills his Starbuck's in his lap!
by The Textinator February 04, 2010
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A person who listens to country music or southern rock, but is not from the south.
Steve: I was rocking out so hard to that new Brooks & Dunn song that I almost spilled my latte.

Mike: Man, your such a white neck.
by cq29 February 22, 2010
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An urban dweller who is dismissive of rural living but emulates living a rural life. Example they buy their "healthy food" in pre-packaged boxes which are shipped to them. They own a pickup but only haul furniture home from Ikea.
You might be a Whiteneck if ... You own a pickup but you've only ever hauled furniture from Ikea.
by Incslinger August 17, 2013
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One who perceives the world through a opaque lens of traditional white hegemony; but using a typically unrealistic liberal mindset,

Emo white neck: Heard to say, "Conformists suck", but then they all dress the same way
Democrat white neck: believes in abortion, especially when subsidizing them for "those" people
Vege-white neck: So spoiled that they can (unlike 98% of the world) actually choose to ignore entire levels of the food pyramid and still have enough to eat
Guilty White neck: self-loathing version of whitenecks who actually believe when liberals say that America has done more harm than good.
Corporate white neck: Makes tons of money and votes democrat hoping that politicians will take more money from them so they feel better about helping others
Most owners of corporations are whitenecks who are too dumb to figure out how to help others through targeted charities and so, trusts politicians to be their conscience.
by Red Juventud July 07, 2013
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Some one who thinks they are a Redneck but just live in a rural area. They tend to wear aeropostale jeans and t-shirts with doc martin boots
by Rovimon April 26, 2015
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