a word that racist and stupid ass trump supporters created to criticise the BLM movement.

word people use to disgust society
Trump Supporters: "white lives matter"
Every one: "Shut the fuck up"
by Naruto.0117.Freak June 6, 2020
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a hashtag started by dumb hoes who thought they could trend it, but instead it got flooded with fancams by kpop stans
"yall did you see how kpop stans flooded white lives matter with fancams, i respect you bruh"
"i know the power of kpop, you go gurl"
"it is what it is, stan kpop"
"black lives matter and thats on periodT!!"
by jaeguriii June 5, 2020
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Yes, white lives matter. If you dont agree you are just a dumb ignorant racist who dont deserve to live. A lot of white people are victims of racism because they are white. White lives matter is a great way to show how proud your are to be white.
White lives matter is not racist. If you think its racist you are racist and you should go to hell cause you are a waste of O2
by Boys are the best September 5, 2022
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A phrase the Racist in Chief has been heard loudly and repeatedly muttering to himself behind his closed bedroom door over the last few days.
These Black Lives Matter homegrown terrorists are trying to silence all of us in here, they’re hogging all the press for themselves with their fires and such and we’re not gonna be stuck on the back burner just because we’re not throwing Molotov cocktails; they’re gonna be forced to recognize when they lose the right to vote again that our White House Lives Matter!
by Dr Bunnygirl July 2, 2020
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