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A white knight is a man who will go to great lengths to defend women, whether they are attacked physically, verbally, or sexually. In fact, it does not matter if the woman is attacked at all. They will ditch their own best friends, hit people, or say things they never would elsewhere, just to "protect" that woman. White knights come in all shapes and sizes.

White knights are generally men with seriously low self esteem issues. They are also sexually depraved, and have never had a girlfriend or any female attention for that matter. They use their white knightry as a last ditch attempt to get laid and/or "prove" their worth to society. Usually socially awkward people who tend to live in fantasy worlds, and will brag about their "heroic deeds" and "manliness" in every conversation with people. Tend to identify as women supporters or feminists, but could not be further from the truth as all they do is reinforce the idea that women are weak.

Hated by true feminists and men's rights activists (MRAs) alike.
Examples of white knights:
1. A guy and a girl are walking in a mall. They start to argue, and the guy suddenly grabs the girl's hand.
"Let go!" The girl yells.
Suddenly, a random stranger appears out of nowhere.
Stranger: "You coward! How dare you touch a woman! Don't you know hitting women is cowardly and unmanly?"
*punches guy*
*guy retaliates, beats the shit out of stranger*
Girl (slaps stranger): "Idiot! He's my boyfriend. Why don't you go mind your own fucking business?"
*girl and guy walk out*

2. A bar
John yells at a girl: "How dare you cheat on me? Fuck you, you bloody whore! Bitch!"
A random guy comes in
Random guy: "How dare you use such words for my beauty? Take that." (Beats John up)
Girl: " Aw, how romantic!"

(To another guy) "Come on honey, let's go!" (Both walk away)
John: "man, get a life. These sluts don't give a shit about you."

3. Chris: "Come on Paul, you know me and Thomas were never there at the party. Caroline is lying."
Paul: "No, shut up. I know you liars. My sweet Caroline cannot lie."
(To Caroline): "Don't listen to these women hating scumbags. I know you are always right."
Caroline: aww!
Thomas (to Chris): "man, Paul is such a loser and a white knight."
by dfvnk October 01, 2018
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