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A gorgeous girl who’s sometimes insecure, you can’t keep up with her she’s always running around getting things done. If you happen to slow her down or catch up to her you’re the luckiest person in the world my friend. She’s as gentle as a rain drop and as sweet as honey. She does have a temper if you push her too far, so be as gentle as she is to you. With her bubbly, bright, goofy personality you’ll never be sad around her, but if you need a shoulder to cry on she’s always around without a doubt. Treat her like you’re most precious and prized possessions, because when she’s gone you’ll realize she really was.
She’s so adorable, she must be an Amelie!

I’m in awe of Amelie, how can she be so perfect?
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A Moon Child is a unique and a curious soul who is often in a daze, his or her mind is always out of this world. They live in their fantasy and refuse to come back to a harsh reality. A Moon Child don’t not always mean they are born under the Cancer zodiac sign, but they are just drawn to the moon in a way that can’t be explained. Some how they just belong on the moon, to the moon.
Her mind is always wandering, she’s definitely a Moon Child!”

“He’s always looking at the moon, maybe he’s a Moon Child.”
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A beautiful girl, who does not understand how much light she brings to the world full of darkness. She’s more special than she gives herself credit for, helping those in need and an amazing friend to all those who need one. She’s too hard on herself never thinks she’s enough, little does she know she’s the most cherished and the most beautiful thing to this world.
Wow!! She’s so beautiful, a true Bella Luna.
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Think of the whimsical world of wonderland or adventure world, some would say it’s a strange and funny looking place. That’s exactly what whimsical is, different and unquie fantasies that make you scratch your head and say “huh?!?” Whimsical could be a feel or a description to describe a place, it’s playful and weird. But a truly special idea.
“Have you seen Alice in wonderland, that place is so weird.”

“Well, it’s definitely whimsical. I thought it was kinda beautiful.”
by You’re True Special Admirer February 13, 2019
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