Person of caucasian decent who grew up in Mexico. Probably born in the US but moved later. These people usually have extremely blonde hair, the "surfer" look, and speak fluent spanish. Reasons as to the migration south may be secretive. Favorite past times may include shady activity, couch surfing, maryjane, surfing, skimming, and 'raging. The males may be very good looking but lack in the responsibility area. Jealousy may also be an issue. Their friends range from very young to pretty old and the female version tends to start drama. The females worship and try to keep the males away from non-whexicans.
I did not expect that blonde guy to start talking in fluent spanish, he must be a whexican.
by sno j December 11, 2007
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1. The state of being both White and Mexican.

2. An unfortunate evening in Cabo where you ran out of Trojans.
White Guy: "Shut up you Whexican!" Mexican: "Ey ese, shut up! You stupid Whexican."
by Thepersonwhopostedthis January 31, 2011
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A white guy that's called such by a Hispanic person's for doing a job most likely someone Hispanic would do.
"Look at that whexican selling orange's on the free way."
by Ghost_Poster March 21, 2010
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