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Detroit slang for 'What's up','How are you', etc.
Wuss happenin
What up
What it do, that's fo sho
But everybody in my city say WHAT UP DOE!
by Detroit Playa December 23, 2006
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a word used in Detroit and surrounding's a greeting that Detroiters use to say what's happening.
Whutupdoe nigga? Nothin much what up wit you?
by Imperial313 October 26, 2004
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1. Greeting to someone. A way of saying "hey what's up?" origniated in Detroit.

2. Can be used as a term of aggression to entice someone into a fight or altercation; Bring it on...
1. Guy sees his buddy and greets him with " What up Doe?"

2. Guy 1 walks into a bar with the mean mug, staring at guy 2. Guy 2 throws up both hands and says "What up Doe!?"
by Most_ill December 04, 2009
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Commonly used in the black community but also used in white suburbia as a way of saying "Hello, how are you/ What is going on". The saying originated in the fine city of Detroit, Michigan.
During a phone call.....

Dope Fiend: Hello
Dealer: What up doe
Dope Fiend: You got tha hard??
Dealer: Nigga stop playin on my mutha fuckin phone, you know i got what you need.
Dope Fiend: Bet, let me get a fat dub.
Dealer: Nigga meet me at the liquor store on Westwood.
Dope Fiend: Aight bet it up, 100
Dealer: 100
by DJ Lotto2 September 03, 2011
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Like saying "Sup?" or "What's Up?" basiclly just a way to greet someone.
Black guy sees a hot white gurl in a club and goes up to her and says "What up doe?"
by SkItTlEs August 15, 2004
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Greeting used for men in the Detroit-metro area who resemble large female animals you would normally hunt.
Joe: What up doe?
Fred: You call me a large brontosaurus again and you'll be sorry.
Joe: No man, I called you a lady deer. Like Bambi. You bambi dog.
by Whatupdoc77 October 14, 2010
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