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A gorgeous stunning classy girl who loves weird things and her boyfriend. Super sexy hazel eyed, dark hair, and skinny girl. She is so loving to all her freinds and knows a liar when she sees one. She loves to meet people from all around the world and is very open and kind.
Dang Leeza’s coming get ready to pucker up!
by 123_dog July 01, 2018
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The prettiest girl around, she rocks and she loves her boo, because he rocks as well.

(Also loves Flamingos and Poodless and other British peoples)
Leeza is my bitch.And no one else's, she is perfect in all ways, and loves everyone.
by Leeza January 29, 2005
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Frequently says "At least you know wat ya gettn up front", also plays with her hands.
Awww shit, here comes leeza. Hide ya wallet.
by Ralph Wiggumsz February 02, 2010
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Leezas tend to be very fake people in general. Very selfish in nature and can not be trusted. Will befriend you and then proceed to stab you in the back the moment you realize they realize you're too close to what they want. Not ambitious, just straight up greedy. Will have everyone turn their back on you because of how big of a liar they are. Honestly, a very disappointing person to be around.
Guy 1: Hey did you hear that rumor about Sarah?
Guy 2: Yeah, but you shouldn't believe it. Leeza was the one spreading it around.
Guy 1: Really? Damn. I knew that rumor was too dramatic to be real. Leeza fucking shit up again like usual.
by FuckinLeezaISwear September 18, 2017
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