When a man shits into a womans vagina.
Brian squatted over her, lined it up, and began space docking.
by GarethLJ April 3, 2006
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the once common, now lost art of pooping into a girl's vagina, space docking is enjoying a resurgence of popularity, particularly in the midwestern and northeastern United States (most notably Chicago and New York City) that reminds many art historians/scatologists of the beginning of the renaissance that began in Italy in the 15th Century.
Sally didn't much appreciate Charlie's failure to disclose that he ate three bowls of chili before space docking with her last night.
by The Whaler March 15, 2006
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The act of defecating directly into one's vagina. Like a space ship attempting to dock to a space station, "space docking" involves very accurate control and near-perfect alignment of the two orifices.
"Hey baby, want to try space docking tonight?"
by cyberpimp April 2, 2006
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When a man with a erect uncircumcised penis extends his foreskin over the tip of another erect penis (circumcised or non).
Bobby: We were touching tips and then he started space docking me
Andre: Ooooooh that's hot.
by JohnsonNoJ March 6, 2014
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latin: incursio astrum
Mid-missionary position the man pulls out, turns his back to the woman and defecates into her vagina. This maneuver is remarkably difficult, hence the likeness to docking a shuttle into a space station at 17,000 mph.

from the book: Dirty Sanchez's Guide to Buck Nasty Sex
I have a huge space-travel fetish and space docking is just like 'one small drop for a man, one giant orgasm for mankind.
by Dirty Buck Nasty April 13, 2010
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When two men touch their penises together tip to tip and one man rolls the foreskin of his penis over the penis of the other man. It is necessary that one man is uncircumcised.
Sarah just caught Brian and Jarryd space docking in the closet.
by jizzle mc jizzle September 8, 2010
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This goulish act involves two gay men, one being circumsized and one not. They place their penis's together and then the foreskin of the un-circumsized penis gets pulled over the circumsized one so it basically looks like one continuous penis in which you cant tell where one ends and the other begins.
Paz:Hey broseph did you experiance a space docking with your buddies at spacecamp when you were in highschool?
Hunt:You know it!!! That was my favorite part!!!
by Dave Paz November 16, 2007
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