your lost for a second
what the fuck just happened????????
by (unknown) February 21, 2004
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Say whenever the fuck you want. USually used to imply confusion. Also where, when, how, which the fuck.
What the fuck just happened?

Where the fuck did that fucker go?

When the fuck did he fuck her?

How the fuck did he convince her?

Which the fuck did he fuck?
by ASSHOLE! July 7, 2004
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1. A more extreme version of what?, expressing anger or frustration.
2. A mantra recited by Counter-Strike players when their kill streak is broken.
1. What the fuck did my nigga just say to Cnote?!
2. Oh my god, cheater, hacker, what the fuck?? Leave now before the admin BANS you!
by Gorkwobbler September 17, 2004
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a phrase usually used to know what the next is going to be
by none July 9, 2003
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Used commonly as a remark of surprise to a nonsensical statement by youtuber Jacksfilms in his popular "Your Grammar Sucks" series, it has leaked out of the internets and into the real world. It was originally a failed attempt at typing "What the fuck" by youtuber alpen000, and when appearing in Jack's YGS series (episode 21), Jack reads the comment as it is supposedly pronounced, saying it with a heavy foreign accent of his own creation. Jack's way, the only correct way, of pronouncing ":a what a fucke?!" is as follows: "A-whah-da-foook?", making sure to rise in pitch as the expression progresses. Note that the phrase has four syllables, but occasionally, Jack will repeat the da and make the phrase have 5 syllables. It is applicable in real life to any situation where one may say "what the fuck" or in any other bizarre situation.
Toby Turner: Jack! Your girlfriend says she's tired of being made fun of, and is breaking up with you!
Jack Douglas: :a what a fucke?!
by Right_in_the_lovehole April 9, 2012
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An expression used to convey various reactions to events. ‘What the fuck?’ may be used in an attempt to explain any one or combination of the reactions/emotions listed below and then some.

A: Confusion
B: Incredulous confusion
C: Surprise
D: Disappointment
E: Hurt
F: Anger
G: Ironically
‘What the fuck?’ Is rarely used as a positive statement; however it may be used ironically to convey such is life (refer ex G)

*Note: The ‘McDonalds’ referred to in the following examples is not the all too familiar icon of western civilisation that sells a wide variety of meal choices at prices that are reasonable to the consumer.
The use of the name ‘McDonalds’ is pure coincidence; the name (as applied to the examples below) was randomly generated using a super-dooper computer.

A: Confusion
I was walking past McDonalds the other day; it smelt disgusting. So I was like “What the fuck? Why would you want to eat that?”

B: Incredulous confusion
“What the fuck? All of the people driving into McDonalds look like cheeseburgers!!

C: Surprise
“What the fuck Tracey; is that your mother working at McDonalds in her hot knickers making cheeseburgers?

D: Disappointment
“What the fuck is the world coming to when people are willing to eat greasy cheesys from McDonalds?

E: Hurt
Oh God, what the fuck? How could you eat that cheeseburger from McDonalds? Can’t you see how much anguish and sorrow it causes me to watch you stuff that disgusting in every way symbol of everything that is wrong with the world into your mouth and watch the grease drip down from your lips over your chins, one after another. At the very least it hurts my stomach; what with all the vomiting induced just by the thought of McDonalds cheeseburger consumption by the average overweight western society individual who has little concern for where the produce comes from, the conditions of those involved, the environmental ramifications of fast food production, the nippl… <rant maximum allowable length reached>

F: Anger
What the fuck?
You fuckin’ barstool
There is a maximum length for rants?
I didn’t know that; it makes me very angry, oh yes indeed
Fuckin McDonalds cheeseburgers

G: Ironically
What the fuck kind of a word is ironical; I guess it would have been too much to ask to have a decent name for ironical. It’s a stupid moronical word

*$$* This entire rant (and all sub-rants etc contained within) has not been endorsed by the wonderful people at the greatest corporation in the whole universe – McDonalds *$$*

mmm… Subway

Sunday 09/11/2008
by Luke Warm December 22, 2008
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