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This is official Town Bizness! The sideshow started at lest twenty years ago in Deep East Oakland, CA. In the ghetto Eastmont mall parking lot. Now it can happen anywhere that Oakland people congregate.We might show up in your city next! It is an impromptu, car show. We ride the strip, stunt, get at, or mingle with the opposite sex, do donuts, figure 8's, hang out the windows while we drive, drive wit the doors open and basically do it real live, Yadada-mean! No one and I mean no one has a strip that cracks harder than the infamous Deep East Oakland, "Foothill Strip". Str8 Up!
We did it real big at the sideshow last night!
by The Sensei March 04, 2005
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even that orignated in Oakland back in the 80's that draws crowds from all over to spin their cars, race, do doughnut, holler at females/niggas, socialize, play their music, and represent that real Bay shit
(you can usually run into one every weekend in east oakland)
I'm bout to smob to the sideshow
by that dozen April 30, 2005
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burnin dem figure 8's in da middle of a da town (oakland)
my patna got arrested and got his car inpounded last night at da sideshow last night at 700 and holly!!
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The dopest sickest shit on Planet Earth, Breakdancing on Wheels, If Fidget Spinners had engines, chrome, and tires
Them sideshows in The Yay Area are the dopest sickest shit on Planet Earth
by SideshowGbendingcorners September 30, 2019
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burnnin rubber with large crowds in a parkin lot. haning out of your car from driver side. bouncin car up and down.
by BIG DICK December 21, 2003
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