While jerking off a man, with the free hand you hit the tip of the cock with an open palm as if you are playing the popular carnival game "whack-a-mole".
I'm so pissed at Tommy for flirting with that fat broad at the bar. When we go home I'm going to jerk him off "whack-a-mole" style.
by WeezieCletusBBH May 02, 2009
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While fucking doggy-style, right as the guy is about to cum the girl smacks him in the nuts through her legs and shouts "Whack-a-mole!"
Guy: I'm gonna cum, baby!

Girl: <smacking his nuts> Whack-a-mole!

Guy: AAAUUUGGGGHHHHH! FUCK! <groans and coughs>

Girl: I love you.
by Jive Bandit August 11, 2010
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A whack-a-mole consists of taking a huge mole (tobacco and weed in a bong bowl) and breathing the smoke into a balloon filled with whippit vapor (nitrous oxide) and inhaling/exhaling into the balloon until you're forced to breathe oxygen.
"Wow did you see that bro last night? Dude took too many whack-a-moles and yakked and then passed out....holy shit man."
by winterfell August 19, 2011
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A way to describe a chick who's had breast implants but one of the implants malfunctioned/deflated.
I saw Tammy and Gail together at the beach they were both wearing bikinis and each of them has an implant that deflated. So now when I see them it reminds me of whack-a-mole.
by Tiltied August 07, 2020
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Masturbatory term.

See also:
stroking the sausage
slapping the meat
petting the weasel
spanking the monkey
flogging the dolphin
tickling the pickle
shizzling the nizzle
playing the skin flute
cream-filling the donut
"Dude, quit whacking the mole! You'll go blind!"
by Dean March 25, 2005
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to sit on a turd that has begun to crown in an effort not to shit oneself.
yesterday i had to play whack a mole at work, i was all alone and the damn customer wouldnt leave.
by elac the great October 07, 2011
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