Simply put its the female version of the teabag.

For those really needing a definition, it is touching another (willing or unwilling) person with your vagina.
Peter got wetnapped twice while he was passed out at a party.
by dfbshaw November 30, 2007
After a long day I ended up taking a wetnap before dinner
by RyGuy123 January 25, 2010
When a girl spits in a guy's eye and then sits on his face.
"We were so drunk last night that I let her mongolian wetnap me"
by Abby Foxhaven December 28, 2010
using the grease from your pizza napkin as lube to have anal sex
she wanted it up the ass, I was out of KY so I did the the old Italian wetnap maneuver.
by Cedric Harvey April 21, 2017
a spicy douche.. includes olive oil, cayanne and jalapenos for a particularly spicy douching experience
My girlfriend is an illegal immigrant who lives in Louisana and uses a cajun wetnap.

That bitch drank all my 4Loko, what a cajun wetnap.
by phishphac3 November 21, 2010