Someone who always ruins the fun; killjoy; never lets you do anything exciting or entertaining.
"Aw, come on, see the movie with us. Don't be a wet blanket!"
by May 28, 2022
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a British slur for a gay person.
"look at them, bunch of wet blankets"
by YahNAANA July 23, 2019
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A sexual act where you are making love to a women where you wait as long as you you can and right before you cum you rap a blanket around the womans head and yell cum typhoon then which you pull out and cum on the blanket so when they go to take it off they have splooge on there hands
I pulled a wet blanket on my girlfriend this morning
by Shoe stomper July 25, 2023
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What you want when you're on Molly.
There's nothing like a cold wet blanket when you're rolling on some Molly
by shibbycoleslawpoe August 20, 2017
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