A suburb west of Boston that is whiter than a klan rally, there are a total of 4 black people. They are rich as shit and are republican. The only good sports are hockey and golf because of the 99% cracker population. The high school basket ball team is all white besides two black kids from Boston who are part of the METCO program and score 99% of the points. Also every high schooler owns a juul. 90% of kids go to private school because they are white. There is a group of Asian freshmen that walk around to all there level one classes, they are commonly referred to as china town. Also the one black family culturally appropriates the rest of the town by wearing Vineyard Vines, which all the whites wear like it’s there religion. Speaking of religion, the town is Catholic besides like twenty Jews.
That kid is not from Westwood ma because he’s black
by Supkehd November 15, 2018
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One of the snobbiest towns in the Boston area. People drive hummers and mercedes and and ignore the environment. If your house costs less than 3 million dollars you are considered poor. A small colonial house can cost 1.5 million. All the high schoolers are either preppy bitches or wiggers. Notorious for being snobs, having ridiculous drinking parties, and owning at beirut.
Wow that Westwood, MA bitch kicks ass at beirut.
by slutmuffin777 April 08, 2007
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Only the realest Out that Bitch 3️⃣1️⃣9️⃣

Got some of the Hottest Jits in the World🔫💰
Come in and Get Robbed

Get at Yg Rob He On the Way Up🌍
Them Ygs outta Westwood Park Gon Do it Every Time.
by Rufii August 07, 2019
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The best designer in the world! She invented punk but she's not very punky now, she's more... wel... individual!
Vivienne westwood reminds me a bit of Galliano (so look at the extreme stuff from Dior)
by Emi J May 03, 2006
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A school located in leek that is full of pot and smack heads and is also home to the daddy of all dockers Sammy Corden
by Random Personk January 28, 2019
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Fasion designer, not the prettiest of girls...especially not the hair. To be honest, her clothes arnt that great either... she dresses people up in bin bags half the time.
check her out on google.
i just bought a vivienne westwood t-shirt for £100000. its white!
by cassandria March 05, 2006
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