1)The United States Military Academy at West Point.
2)Social and sexual deprivation for four years.
3) Institution claiming to develop leaders of character but really creating egotistical drones.
4) An elite institution of higher learning that treats cadets like kindergardeners.
I don't want a social life and I want to be told what time to go to bed; I want to go to West Point.
by Bitter Yuk April 27, 2004
a.k.a. S.H.I.T. - South Hudson Institute of Technology

a "college" where 22 year old college seniors have to be back before 11:30 on a schoolnight, no alcohol allowed in yer room, and a guy and girl can't share the same piece of furniture
"why did you choose to go there again?
by X-CDT November 14, 2003
1) South Hudson Institute of Technology (S.H.I.T.) Place of extreme amounts of work in engeneering and math/science classes no matter the major or field of study.
2) Anywhere the color gray dominates the landscape, college is conducted like highschool, and there are always three or more people judging your every action.
3) (little used) The point on the western shore of the Hudson River where the river makes an "S" curve and a revolutionary fort turned military school now stands. Leadership school where the cream of the crop of 17-23 year olds go to learn absolutely nothing about leadership and graduate thinking that they know everything.
Hell, a punch in the face, a kick to the balls, a train wreck, exploding fecal matter.
by Cadet-X November 20, 2003
The military academy for the United States Army. Exceptionally difficult to get into, requiring both physical and mental excellence, recommendations from teachers and your congressman, ability to learn and execute anything ordered.

Everyone wishes they could get into the school, but very few would actually be able to thrive and survive it's atmosphere.

They have very strict guidelines that must be adhered to because of training, discipline, and priority. Engineering, mathematics, science, military science, and military history are just some of the mandatory classes, included with mandatory physical classes such as boxing.
Guy 1- Why the hell would you want to go to West Point, that place is for tools.

Cadet- Because I feel the duty to my country to lead soldier that will be protecting your sorry-ass as it sits on the couch in your mother's basement.


Chris (Marine)- Good luck, Kyle! See you on the battlefield.

Kyle (Cadet)- See yah, Chris!
by ijustwanttosubmitaword August 23, 2010
The USMA(United States Military Academy)

An institution that takes average high school kids and turns them into soldiers and leaders of men.
West Point has produced multiple Presidents and leaders of the free world.
by 2013 May 28, 2009
From the outside, this business looks merely like another deli and gas station combo. On the inside, the workers have tired, haunted faces that show what truly goes on behind the counter: pure misery. Many become raging alcoholics, believing that alcohol is the going to wash away the stains of west point deli from his or her soul. The place literally sucks the life out of its employees. Eventually, they succumb to the evil and die: sad, cold, and alone.
A lovely Friday night at West Point Deli


Kellso: "They are right fucking there, in front of your face."
by kellcho April 26, 2011
Located in Lavallette, NJ, which is the 8th best town to live in. Everyone here is rich...and probably richer than you. A smaller, more exclusive and private version of Mantoloking, very secluded. No one can afford house's or property here pretty much except the people who already live here. If you do under 25 m.p.h. to stare at all the mansions your probably a benny and wish you lived here. 98% of everyone who lives here is in the Lavallette Yacht Club and the West Point Island Civic Association. Majority of the population here: Italian. Wild parties and people who like to drink; one of the best places to be at the "jersey shore" as benny's refer to it. Close to Seaside but far enough away at the same time. Safest community out there. Quietest place on Earth during the winter. Everyone knows each other here so don't pretend like you fit in. Joe Pesci from Goodfellas/My Cousin Vinny lives here...enough said.
"I live on West Point Island
-Isn't everyone loaded there?
by jerseyg1rl April 19, 2011