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A town where everything is about the ocean, the yacht club, million dollar beachfront palaces, playing tennis, and lots and lots of money.

Mantoloking is Waspy-Preppy-By-The-Sea where the people "summer" and are gorgeous, the homes are gorgeous, the cars are gorgeous, the boats are goregeous and the beaches are gorgeous. Picture Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, The Hamptons or Cape Cod. Mantoloking is America's 15th weathliest town and has been the summer refuge for Katharine Hepburn, Richard Nixon and James Gandolfini. Poor people--fuhgetaboutit!!!

The typical attire is what you would see if Harvard was oceanfront-- polos, madars shorts, khakis, sperry topsiders, loafers, suede flipflops, oxfords,-- Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Vineyard Vines, and so on.

No Saturday night in the summer is spent anywhere else than at the elitist Mantoloking Yacht Club and typical summer days are spent playing tennis, sunning at the beach, walking the poodle, cruising on sailboats, and taking swims in the ocean or your own private pool.

Waspyness, snootiness, and privilege are the names of game but life here is very relaxed, calm, slow, leisurely and elegant. Who cares about anything when you have a castle in the sand dunes.......
Muffy: Lets go sunning
Chip: No I'm playing tennis right now, then we're going out on the yacht, and then we're going to a five star restaurnt just for lunch and then....

A Typical Day In July if you live in Mantoloking
by The Duke of Mantoloking September 21, 2007
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A small, relaxing town near Point Pleasant and Seaside New Jersey. Despite its location between two very commercial and somewhat tacky towns, it takes you to a place far from all the commercialism. Not yet touched by masses of people and commercialism, Mantoloking has some tourists, but mostly locals just enjoying a leisurely summer. Commonly referred to (even by myself) as "the raddest place alive doe". Everyone there is super nice and really ill at tennis. One of the happiest places you shall ever encounter in cho lyfe! A really nice place that you will love attending!
Bob: "Hey man, relax, it's Mantoloking!"
Ted: "You're right, brah. I'm just a chill dude who's trying to stay pop and do his thing."
by Tmcnallydeww August 08, 2012
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