A relationship deal-breaker. A difference of likes/dislikes between a couple that is insurmountable. When Wallace (from Wallace & Gromit) discovered that Gwendoline didn’t like cheese, he called the relationship off.
I'm sorry John. This issue is a wensleydale.
by Posalie January 03, 2011
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A masochistic activity where someone places their fingers into a cheese grater and grinds their fingers into it, slicing the skin off. Then you can put it in as cheese. You can also do this with someone else's fingers for better masochism.
Me: want some wensleydale?
Penis: pls no
Me: wensleydale time
Penis: NO
by Thanos Chicken June 01, 2020
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Greeks talk myths about this dairy product, famous example of shakespear having this great product. It is said that legends eat this for breakfast, Wallace was a great dog R.I.P
Wallace wensleydale cheese
by bick boi November 16, 2017
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Smegma, the cheesy secretion that collects under the foreskin.
Kevin was ecstatic: Britney had just started to perform fellatio on him. Unfortunately she got a taste of his willy wensleydale, and , gagging, stormed off home. Life can be such a bitch sometimes!
by Dunky Oggins December 14, 2003
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