8 definitions by Thanos Chicken

A sex game where you put your dick into a girl's vagina, ass or mouth and just let it sit there without moving. Cumming is optional, of course. This is most effective on a Sunday.
by Thanos Chicken June 19, 2020
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A masturbation technique where you massage your dick while also rubbing it in your tears. Another person's tears can also work. If you cover your penis in tear water, then you can either be finished, or stick it into something or someone.
That movie was a real tearjerker.
by Thanos Chicken June 19, 2020
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A chicken who has six Infinity Seeds and uses them for his whim. also he's a bitch
Larry: hey u want some thanos chicken hentai
Me: oh shit give me the sauce
Larry: jk lol
Me: i will fucking murder you
by Thanos Chicken June 01, 2020
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A sex game where your partner bites your dick, and clenches hard. The primary partner must endure the bite for as long as he can. If the primary partner cums in the other partner's mouth, or if the primary partner tells the other partner to let go, then the Bite Of '87 has been performed correctly.
Was that The Bite of '87!?
by Thanos Chicken June 19, 2020
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A masochistic activity where someone places their fingers into a cheese grater and grinds their fingers into it, slicing the skin off. Then you can put it in as cheese. You can also do this with someone else's fingers for better masochism.
Me: want some wensleydale?
Penis: pls no
Me: wensleydale time
Penis: NO
by Thanos Chicken June 01, 2020
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literally the most fucking annoying thing about discord, is the constant pings, unless it's a ping from a specific person, but if it's an @everyone ping it's absolute shit
me: lol imma @everyone
everyone: WHO PING ME
by Thanos Chicken June 01, 2020
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