Australian, N.Z. ; n
wellington boots; galoshes; overshoes; gumboots.
grab yer wellies mate its pissin down rain.
by herbie August 17, 2004
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you into travel much
Meet me in Venice Nov 21-24?
on historically neutral ground?
bring wellies
by Krkič November 6, 2019
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Buproprion (the brand name for which is Wellbutrin) being abused by crushing up, and insufflated, causing feelings of euphoria, and, in large doses, hallucinations and delusions.
I just got my prescription for Wellbutrin filled! Let's do some wellies!
by cmo999 June 17, 2011
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'bloody hell i got so wellied last night i made love to a letterbox!'
by sharonmoore September 14, 2006
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1. A plastic boot worn by children and farmers to prevent waterlogged feet.

2. The greatest school known to mankind. Also fantastic sporting arena.
1. Eee-by-gum My wellies have come off in the quagmire.

2. Next match is against Wellie. Nice knowing you lads...
by Grego October 18, 2003
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verb: past participle: wellied...

In football (soccer), just whacking the ball as hard as you can and hoping for the best.
I still had the ball but I didn't know whether to shoot or cross, and basically I just wellied it towards goal. It went in, and I ran behind

chances because we rarely keep the ball after our back four just welly it forward all the time instead of passing it into the midfield
by Bylli May 20, 2009
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A Noun: A local generic term coined in Bradford, Pa. used to describe those who depend solely upon "Welfare" as a means of income, especially those who survive upon welfare and public funds generation after generation.
Wellie Scummer Scum-Bum Dirtball
by ScienceGuy1970 February 26, 2012
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