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a sexual act involving an innocent lady and seven guys. double vaginal, double anal and triple oral penetration. exceedingly hard to pull off.
oh man i need some dvdato right now!
by Grego April 1, 2003
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Noun. A can of beer. Used especially on summer rafting trips down the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon, where it is hotter than hell.
Man it's hot. Toss me another sandwich.
by Grego February 16, 2005
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Someone who is past their time is often described as an "old bastard".
`That Tony Bond is shite at football the fuckin "Old Bastard" pah.
by Grego April 6, 2005
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to rub your genitalia onto unsuspecting people or objects.
the man loved to dabble with froteurism whilst commuting to work.
by Grego April 1, 2003
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1. A plastic boot worn by children and farmers to prevent waterlogged feet.

2. The greatest school known to mankind. Also fantastic sporting arena.
1. Eee-by-gum My wellies have come off in the quagmire.

2. Next match is against Wellie. Nice knowing you lads...
by Grego October 18, 2003
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A Shortened form of the American "Corvette". Apparently it was meant to be a sports car.
"Dang, man, ma Vette won't start!"
by Grego October 18, 2003
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