A nice town 12 miles west of Boston known for its excellent public school system, yet many people in Wellesley send their kids to private school anyway. Also Wellesley and Babson colleges are located here, but Wellesley is not a college town by any means. Although there is a lot going on in town, some neighborhoods can seem eerily quiet when you drive through them. Many people leave town during the summer, which is nice for everyone else because we do not have to sit in traffic and wait in line. Our newspaper is called the Townsman; it has a police blotter which recalls all crime and incidents for the past week, very entertaining to read. An average of three people are arrested in Wellesley each week, usually for drunk driving or driving without a license, so nothing interesting really happens here. We usually go to Natick or Framingham if we're looking for something to do. I don't know how many pizza places per capita there are in this town, but it seems like an awful lot. Anyway, many good restaurants in Wellesley as well as good, although sometimes overpriced ice cream/frozen yogurt places. Ray Allen lived here, and David Ortiz lives next door in Weston. Very nice, new library, and the best places to get lunch are the Linden Store and Wellesley Bakery. We're rivals with Needham, but we go to their driving school.
I lived in Wellesley for 11 years.
by even odds August 24, 2017
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1) A town in suburban Boston that is supposedly one of the richest in the country. On any given day walking down Central Street you'll come across 50 newly-wed 20-30 something blonde housewives with a stroller or a kid in her arms, doing the daily round in Talbots after parking her BWM in a sea of other BMWs while her husband is out working in Boston as a portfolio manager in some investment management firm.

2) An all-women's college in the aforementioned town that is populated by many talented and friendly people but under the guidance of a staff adamant about the benefits of a single-sex education. The least "lesbianized" college out the Seven Sisters (Smith, Bryn Mawr, etc.) Well-known for its fuck truck and for providing a constant source of wives for the preppy men in Harvard and the nerdy men in MIT since its inception. Not to be confused with Wesleyan.
1) You can't get any liquor in Wellesley except in like 3 restaurants.

2) MIT Frat Guy: Sorry this party is for 21 and over only.
Wellesley Girl: I'm from Wellesley.
MIT Frat Guy: Common in.
by blue zephyr February 15, 2005
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A town west of boston. Yes, we're rich, but no one is in-your-face about it. Well, yes, some people are, but they don't have friends if money is all they can talk about. It's just a rich suburb of Boston, a rich city. And if you want snobs, go next door to Weston.

There might be the highest % of eating disorders in the country there, though. Apearance is very important, so many girls show up in $500 outfits every day at school.

Overall, though, a lot of people live there for the schools, and we DO have affordable housing. Everyone is really nice and unpredjudiced, just priveledged.
(little girl, maybe 8, goes by in sevens and on a cell phone, holding hands whith an ordinary looking girl)

"Wow, you guys nust be from wellesley."
by Wellesley resident June 26, 2007
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A suburbial town outside of Boston. Frequently stereotyped as a predominantly white, rich, preppy, snobby town, this is true with some of the citizens but NOT ALL OF THEM. Although there aren't many minorities seen walking in Wellesley center, we DONT DISCRIMINATE. And not everyone wears lacoste & juicy and shops at Luisa Luisa or trappings. Some people (actually, a lot of people) wear "non-preppy" clothes and are genuine and nice people. We don't appreciate the snobby stereotype so please don't label us.
person #1: ewww i hate wellesley people, theyre all disgustingly rich and bitchy.
person #2: actually my family doesnt have even close millions of dollars in our bank account but we can still afford a decent 3 floor house in wellesley and manage to send me to a good school. ive met a lot of really nice people here.
by wellesleyy October 19, 2005
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well most women wear lilly pulitzer and talbots, have perfect hair and perfect bodies, are 'stay @ home moms' and shop all the time. (we have 4 store talbots complex in the center of town! overkill...) men wear polos and khakis and designer suits, have perfect hair, pretty good figures, bring home millions (or billions...) and love golf. if you don't belong to a country club you're 'poor'. girl teens shop @ juicy, jasmine sola, a+f and bloomingdales and are pretty and stick thin. boys are hot and shop @ a+f and wear polos 24/7. there ARE condos and stuff and u CAN buy houses for 100,000 but also for 5,000,000!!! lots of private schools and Wellesley College... tons of clothes stores...beautiful town really but some snobs... anyway come and visit! its true there arent that many minorities but no 1s racist.
girl sees boy wearing white polo, ralph lauren navy pullover vest, khakis, white socks and loafers.

girl: you're from wellesley right?

boy: how'd you know!?!?
by milkncookies August 30, 2005
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Wellesley is a rich town, overly obsessed with sports and education but no ones racist or anything. most people who live here arnt billionairs or even millionairs.
ive lived in wellesley all my life and all i own from abercrombie is a miniskirt
by trubrit16 November 9, 2005
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A small, western suburb of Boston. Quaint, with nice, tasteful, closely spaced houses surrounding the town center.
If you work in Boston but don't want to live in the city, consider commuting from Wellesley.
by zarMJ June 21, 2005
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