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A nice town 12 miles west of Boston known for its excellent public school system, yet many people in Wellesley send their kids to private school anyway. Also Wellesley and Babson colleges are located here, but Wellesley is not a college town by any means. Although there is a lot going on in town, some neighborhoods can seem eerily quiet when you drive through them. Many people leave town during the summer, which is nice for everyone else because we do not have to sit in traffic and wait in line. Our newspaper is called the Townsman; it has a police blotter which recalls all crime and incidents for the past week, very entertaining to read. An average of three people are arrested in Wellesley each week, usually for drunk driving or driving without a license, so nothing interesting really happens here. We usually go to Natick or Framingham if we're looking for something to do. I don't know how many pizza places per capita there are in this town, but it seems like an awful lot. Anyway, many good restaurants in Wellesley as well as good, although sometimes overpriced ice cream/frozen yogurt places. Ray Allen lived here, and David Ortiz lives next door in Weston. Very nice, new library, and the best places to get lunch are the Linden Store and Wellesley Bakery. We're rivals with Needham, but we go to their driving school.
I lived in Wellesley for 11 years.
by even odds August 24, 2017
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The sweetest girl you will ever meet. Veronica is very loyal to her friends and will support you and encourage you and can make you smile no matter what. If you meet Veronica, make sure to keep in touch because she is someone you don't want to lose.
Veronica is amazing.
by even odds September 03, 2017
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