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wei - ming
1. the act of a person annoying the shit out of another person or group of people
2. the act of being irritatingly bothersome, usually to the point of causing injury to one's self.
A: Dude! Did you catch the game last weekend?
B: Nah man, I went weiming last weekend.
A: Ahh bro! You went weiming without me? You are such a weimer.
B: Yea man, I weim every second weekend of the month. There's nothing better than people giving you the finger after you just weimed them.
A: Agreed. One time this guy straight up kicked me in the balls cuz I weimed him good.
B: Yea, next week I'm going to the monthly Weiming Seminar hosted by no other than Wei Ming himself.
A: Sweet dude, weim on.
by wei ming May 16, 2010
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He is a Asian boy who can gets bored of one girl than moves onto the next, he is a outright player. He is a womanizer that quickly moves onto the next person he sees. He is outstanding at sex and thats why girls have one night stands with him. No girls will ever get into a girlfriend and boyfriend sitution.
Girl1: Whats your boyfriends name again?
Girl2: Weiming.
Girl1: Brake up with him you know that Weimings are players.
Girl2: Your right.
by Whatupguys April 05, 2018
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