children in scotland are sometimes referred to as weens, similar to American english 'wee-uns'
"I fuckin 'ate weens."
by oobyMach October 16, 2008
Lots; a large quantity of. Scottish.
There were weens of indie kids at the party last night
by messeh_ November 14, 2009
A penis, dick, one eyed yogurt slinger, ding dong, wiener, cock, trouser snake, flesh wand, the no no stick, skin flute ect....
Get you eyes off my goddamn ween ween!
Hands off the ween ween!
Thats one gigantic fucking ween ween!
by ernieTorphan July 5, 2019
A band featuring two main memebers,who go under the stage names Gene Ween and Dean Ween. They tour with a live band, and in my own opinion are a lot better live.
Ween, played a great show last night!
by Big Buns August 17, 2006
A wannabe troll who is either unfunny, unoriginal, or both. Usually trying to mock an established lolcow (originally Chris Chan, but since expanded to cows in general) and failing miserably, often making themselves a target for trolls in the process.

A corruption of "win", as in "epic win".
Don't call up Chris Chan just to scream "Julaaaaay!!" at him; that's textbook ween behaviour.
by IronicTrollFace April 18, 2018
'Twas said to have saith that the liar who decieved lion in its lair was dead after having met an untimely death without shelter of air. 'Tis say that wind trees sway outside homes for rent from homelessness a day away mortgaging pent up repent. 'Twere unfathomable how creation began for men listen only to what they wish to hear, sanctifying seemingly unsacred sacristan, making a castle out of a mole's abode mere. 'Thas been prescribed in folly that infant should ween and thought much literature, few read the tale, when the one track mind cannot decipher line between as aspirations are set on mountains losing sight o'dale. 'Twould've been different to differentially remain same, being met by haughty exiting limo in disdain, taking foolish pride in a shoelace honestly done, seeming though refusing friendship for acrynomous gain.
by Hercolena Oliver June 15, 2010
The best band ever, formed when Gene Ween (Aaron Freeman) met Dean Ween (Mickey Melchiondo) in the '80s and started cutting weird but cool drug-induced music.
To anyone who disses Ween: maybe some people like to eat it, but I think you're a dick!
by HotnNow January 12, 2004